IJELP Special issue 2010 - Legitimation and Stability of Political systems


IJELP Special issue 2010 - Legitimation and Stability of Political systems
The contribution of National Narratives
Ingo Richter (ed.)
Pages: 157 pages
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Published: 07-2010
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 15743454

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Introduction : (Ingo Richter)
Chapter 1: Writing the past: An examination of history and national narratives in the Republic of Yemen´s textbooks (Elizabeth L. Young)
Chapter 2: Dilemmas of moving from the divided past to envisaged united future: Rewriting the history books in the North Cyprus (Dilek Latif)
Chapter 3: Post-war reconciliation through joint textbook revision: The cases of franco-german and polish-german history books (Leopold von Carlowitz)
Chapter 4: Politics, memory and historical conciousness in Japan (Sven Saaler)
Chapter 5: Responding to the thin veneers of controversial issues: The promises and challenges of curriculum implementation in post-cmmunist schools (Thomas Misco)
Chapter 6: History education and democracy in post-apartheid South Africa (Gail Weldon)
Chapter 7: Education and national narratives: Changing representations of the Armenian genocide in history textbooks in Turkey (Jennifer M Dixon)
Chapter 8: Narrating the trauma of political violence: Strategies of forgetting in Italian history education (Andrea Hajek)
Chapter 9: “History and hysteria”: Peru´s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and conflict in the national curriculum (Julia Paulson)

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