IJELP - Special Issue 2005: Governance, management & accountability


IJELP - Special Issue 2005: Governance, management & accountability

J. De Groof (general editor), D. Vidoni (special editor)
Pages: 154 pages
Shipping Weight: 400 gram
Published: 07-2005
Publisher: WLP
Language: NL
ISBN (softcover) : 15743454

Product Description

The contributions in this special issue deal with the following subjects:

• What does school autonomy mean in practice?
• The subsidiarity principle in multi-level control within educational systems
• Accountability, evaluation and improvement of schools in England: what does inspection contribute?
• Accountability through external exams and the management of educational institutions
• Performance measurement for the strategic management of educational activities
• Why should teachers want school accountability? Lessons from a comparative approach to the subject
• New prospects in research on school effectiveness and quality
• Accreditation and evaluation: toward a new synthesis?

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Subscription fee includes 2 volumes and a 40 % discount on the yearbooks. The special issues will not be published every year, but can be considered a bonus. 

We strongly encourage contributors to submit their contribution by e-mail to IJELP@wolfpublishers.nl, preferably in Microsoft Word format or any compatible format.

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