International Journal for Education Law and Policy (single volume purchase)


International Journal for Education Law and Policy (single volume purchase)
J. de Groof, P. Zoontjes, G. Lauwers, G. van der Schyff, I. Richter (eds.)
Pages: 110 pages
Shipping Weight: 450 gram
Published: 12-2014
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 15743454

Product Description
The peer reviewed International Journal for Education Law and Policy (IJELP), which is the official Journal of ‘The European Association for Education Law and Policy’, provides a critical review of contemporary developments in educational law. The academic journal combines analysis, commentary and documentation on national educational legislation and European and international developments in education. It gives high priority to articles, which provide a comparative perspective and offer a link between law and policy issues. Apart from scholarly articles, IJELP features special thematic reports and contains special country reports. Each issue contains country reports, covering the latest developments in the field of education law, articles of a comparative nature by leading experts in the field and book reviews. The International Journal for Education Law and Policy meets the needs of both academics and practitioners dealing with education issues. Each year two volumes will be released. Price listed is the yearly subscription fee. Available IJELP volumes: - special issue on Romania (2004) - vol. 1 #1-2 (2005) - special Issue on Governance, Management and Accountability (2005) - vol. 2 # 1-2 (2006) - vol. 3 # 1 (2007) - vol. 4 # 1-2 (2008) - vol. 5 # 1-2 (2009) - vol. 6 # 1-2 (2010) - vol. 7 # 1 (2011) - vol. 8 # 1-2 (2012) - vol. 9 # 1-2 (2013) - Special Issue on Dignity (2013) - vol. 10 # 1 (2014) Available year books (40% discount for subscribers to the journal) - Globalisation and competition in education (2003) - No person shall be denied the right to education (2004) - Cultural and educational rights in the enlarged Europe (2005) - The Right to Education and Rights in Education (2006) - Inequality in Education (2008) - Legimitation and Stability of Political Systems (2010) Subscription fee includes 2 volumes and a 40 % discount on the yearbooks. The special issues will not be published every year, but can be considered a bonus. We strongly encourage contributors to submit their contribution by e-mail to, preferably in Microsoft Word format or any compatible format.

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